Beauty at every age

Simple steps, beliefs and habits create beauty in motion.

Beauty that’s just right for you…

Confident Beauty

Ages 40 & Up

Every stage in life has its challenges. Walking with confidence into the future can be intimidating while dealing with changes in skin, hair, and metabolism. Get tips and tricks to keep you fresh, vibrant and modern.  Simple solutions with beautiful results.


Authentic Beauty

Ages 20-40

Beauty is defined by an individual’s wants and needs. These desires will grow and change, as we will, through adulthood. You will find answers to dilemmas broad and specific here. It’s never too late to be and feel your best self!


Beginner Beauty

Ages 13-20

Academics, events, athletics and hormones can make teen skin a constant wave of challenges.  What makeup to use and how to apply it are big questions.

We can help, one mascara and pimple tip at a time.


Your Beauty Team

We take the secret out of beauty. We are a group of beauty professionals with time-tested insights for every glorious phase of a woman’s beauty lifecycle. Come on in…

Beauty Products, Tips & Tricks

Valentine’s Day

A day to celebrate all the people in our lives that we love! Doesn't get much better than that.     Here is what Basic Beauty is giving to the special people in our lives: Sephora Brand Creamy Night Mask Moisturizing & Plumping.  We can not get over the...

Metabolism Must!

We really don't like deprivation at Basic Beauty, so when we are trying to boost our metabolism, our beauty habits or our brain power we like to ADD something to our routine.  This is a tried and true natural remedy to help gut health, decrease your appetite and kick...

Take it All Off

We love all the products out there that tout their "STAYING POWER".  But when you are desperate to crawl into your bed at night you want those products to come off with ease.  Here are a few of our favorites that we think get the job DONE!     Elf Kiss it...

Costume Makeup; Great Gatsby Edition.

Attending a themed party is always a great excuse to have a little fun with your makeup.  The key to this look is keeping it all in place- this look needs to last you all night. With the power or priming, baking, and setting, you’ll be looking glamorous all night...

Daily Skin Hydration.

Let's be honest, winter skin is not our best skin. It is coping with the weather just like we are. Help keep moisture locked in by adding a few products to your daily regimen.  These two must have's will make a big difference in your everyday this season. Rosebud...

Got Zits?

  When stress hits you need to act fast. Mario Badescu Drying Lotion is a Basic Beauty favorite when it comes to spot treatment for acne. It clears pimples overnight with its fast acting salicylic acid, sulfur and calamine. Application Tip: DO NOT SHAKE THE...