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Simple steps, beliefs and habits create beauty in motion.

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Confident Beauty

Ages 40 & Up

Every stage in life has its challenges. Walking with confidence into the future can be intimidating while dealing with changes in skin, hair, and metabolism. Get tips and tricks to keep you fresh, vibrant and modern.  Simple solutions with beautiful results.


Authentic Beauty

Ages 20-40

Beauty is defined by an individual’s wants and needs. These desires will grow and change, as we will, through adulthood. You will find answers to dilemmas broad and specific here. It’s never too late to be and feel your best self!


Beginner Beauty

Ages 13-20

Academics, events, athletics and hormones can make teen skin a constant wave of challenges.  What makeup to use and how to apply it are big questions.

We can help, one mascara and pimple tip at a time.


Your Beauty Team

We take the secret out of beauty. We are a group of beauty professionals with time-tested insights for every glorious phase of a woman’s beauty lifecycle. Come on in…

Beauty Products, Tips & Tricks

Bride to Be.

Join me on my journey from Miss, to Mrs! I'll be taking you through the ins and outs of planning, creating, budgeting- and not to mention choosing my own makeup artist to complete this special day!  We've got a year to go, and a LOT to do. Stay tuned to experience the...

The Perfect Summer Tote

    We all have that one (or five) perfect summer bag. It's light and pretty- exactly how we all want feel! Take a peak inside Basic Beauty's Perfect Summer Tote to see what we think every woman should be carrying around this season.      ...

Summer Dress Heaven

Summer is always more fun when you have a place to go, and a dress to wear! My favorite dress and shoe purchases this season will keep me elegant for Summer weddings, and preppy for a 4th of July on Cape Cod.   Pair with L'Oreal's Jennifer's Nude lipstick &...

Best Self Tanners

Get glowing this summer with any of our favorite self tanning methods. Whether for your face, body, 24 hour stay, or long-lasting.. we've got you covered.   Face  Both of these products are buildable. For long lasting results must use for 2-3 days in a row....

RMS Obsession

So this is how it all started....I have coveted the number one selling RMS beauty Living Luminizer forever!  I wouldn't allow myself to purchase it due to the fact that I may have 92 other Luminizing products.  But the desire ran deep. Then my best friend Sue came to...

Summer Essentials

Junior year is finally over, and I am ready for Summer! The sun is out, so I have started to think about what sunscreens, aloes, and hair products I am going to need. After much thought, I figured out what must-haves I want to put in my summer, on-the-go bag.  ...