Beauty at every age

Simple steps, beliefs and habits create beauty in motion.

Beauty that’s just right for you…

Confident Beauty

Ages 40 & Up

Every stage in life has its challenges. Walking with confidence into the future can be intimidating while dealing with changes in skin, hair, and metabolism. Get tips and tricks to keep you fresh, vibrant and modern.  Simple solutions with beautiful results.


Authentic Beauty

Ages 20-40

Beauty is defined by an individual’s wants and needs. These desires will grow and change, as we will, through adulthood. You will find answers to dilemmas broad and specific here. It’s never too late to be and feel your best self!


Beginner Beauty

Ages 13-20

Academics, events, athletics and hormones can make teen skin a constant wave of challenges.  What makeup to use and how to apply it are big questions.

We can help, one mascara and pimple tip at a time.


Your Beauty Team

We take the secret out of beauty. We are a group of beauty professionals with time-tested insights for every glorious phase of a woman’s beauty lifecycle. Come on in…

Beauty Products, Tips & Tricks

Holiday Services and Gift Certificates Available

Give the Gift of Beauty this Season Looking for something special to give a friend or family member this holiday? Gift Certificates for Basic Beauty Services are Available. To order or book an appointment, email Gift Certificate Holiday...

CIAO! Hello Again Annie

  This is our friend Annie.  She was one of our first blog posts when we started Your Basic Beauty.  See Annie here. We followed up with her in college Click here to peak and now we get to say hello to her...


I've been asked this question recently and thought I would clarify what it is I absolutely love to do for my clients.    The Complete Beauty Regimen Overhaul. What does it entail? We make an appointment that is convenient to your schedule in your home. I arrive in...

Dorm Room Essentials

College comes with all sorts of new changes.  Change in climate, sleeping and eating habits and the frequency of clean laundry!  The demands of a college International Business class may create a whole new level of stress as well.  Break outs may come back to get you...


We know you have been patiently waiting!  We have some fabulous photos for you to catch a glimpse of a beautiful day, where two people who truly love and adore one another, married in front of their fabulous friends and doting families.  Let's just was...

THE WEDDING ….Countdown

The one week countdown is officially on!  This has been a fun filled year for Your Basic Beauty!  Filled with Love, Parties, Presents and Wedding Planning. Now it's WEDDING TIME! People have been asking all year....Who is going to do Gemma's make up? Of course we...