Alexa Vegan Satchel– Best bag I ever bought! I was looking for an across the body bag that would have enough room to hold more than just a wallet. This bag did exactly that, and it is super cute.

CVS Oil Absorbing Sheets– I can never go anywhere without these. They are my lifesaver when I notice that my skin looks shiny and greasy. They make my face look clean in seconds without taking any of my makeup off.

Headphones– Always have these with me because I never know when I am going to want to listen to music or watch a video.

A bookРI love reading, and it is a great way for me to pass the time. One of my favorite books is, The Glass Castle, by Jeannette Walls.

L. Erickson Pony Tail Holders– I love these! They are so cute and leave no creases in my hair! I always have one in my bag or on my wrist.

NYX Waterproof Concealer– This saves my life. It is small, so it allows me to discreetly pull it out and cover a blemish; it gets the job done!

Kotex Click Super Compact Tampons– I really like these tampons because the small size makes it easy for me to hide them in my hand or pocket.

Baby Lips Balm Ball– This balm is so awesome because it moisturizes my lips with a little color and shine:)

Scunci No-slip Grip Octopus Clip– I always seem to need a clip to put my hair up. These clips hold the right amount of hair and stay in without being uncomfortable.

Conair Dressing Comb– This comb works so well to detangle my hair. It also is super thin, so fits well in any bag.

Dentyne Ice Peppermint Gum– You never know when your going to need to freshen your breath!

Bioderma Sensibio Deo Deodorant– This is my favorite deodorant! It roles right on and smells great. I feel so safe knowing that it is in my bag.