Gemma’s Bag

Tory Burch York Buckle Tote: The be all end all for millennial bag holders! Perfect for work and play; the office and the bar.
Surface Tablet: A slim, sleek tablet that’s perfect for your daily travel routine.
Mini Lint Roller: Seems strange, but be honest- you just thought about beneficial it would be. And yes, it totally is.
Dry Shampoo: Need your hair to transition nicely from day to night?  Or for some (myself included) morning to afternoon? Can’t survive a day without this stuff. That being said, DON’T over do it!
Wallet: No more throwing your money/cards/change free in your bag. Keep it together!
Bandaid: Life is harsh! Be prepared.
Lip Therapy: I prefer a chapstick with some bonus features such as color and shine!
Sunglasses:  Squinting causes unwanted and premature wrinkles!! Keep your sunglasses near and dear wherever you go.
Mineral Water Spray: An amazing up and comer in skin care.  This can be used before or after facial cleansing, throughout the day, or essentially whenever you need it.  Soothes, protects, and heals skin. A must have for girls and women of all ages.
Travel/Roll-On Perfume:  Who knows what the day will bring, it’s always nice to have something to spritz yourself with in times of need.
Coffee Card: Best gifts to get. Always better to drink your coffee pre-paid.
Pen: Even though we’re so online these days, a pen is always a necessity.