Vacation, a perfect way to relieve stress and leave the problems of reality at home.  A very enticing idea until your packing process begins; then it becomes a floor covered in clothes you suddenly hate.  Here is some advice to keep your stress at a minimum.

  • Map out your days; think about where you’re going and what you’ll be doing.  Don’t just throw ‘clothes’ in your suitcase, throw ‘outfits’ in your suitcase.
  • Think about the morning, afternoon, and evening, and realistically decide what you’ll be comfortable wearing while at the same time looking effortlessly adorable.
  • 9 times out of 10 you won’t be attending a spontaneous black tie event, put your gown back in the closet.

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Urban Outfitters                   Zara                       Marshalls

  • Take a trip to CVS and purchase mini containers/bottles for your products, or take your pick of products in the travel-size section!
  • Always buy a toothbrush and toothpaste to keep in your purse, not only will it help if you get stuck in the airport longer than expected, or feel the need to freshen your mouth after indulging in some airport gourmet, but  hotels do NOT provide the toothpaste, we all know this, we just choose to forget every time we pack to stay in a hotel.


Although I’m against checking most liquids, when it comes to sunscreen we can’t be sparse.  That Louis looks good hanging off your shoulder, but if you continue to burn in the sun your skin will start to resemble  the leather material of that bag, and that ain’t cute.  If you’re headed to a warmer climate tend to your face, lip, and body.  Now that you’re packed appropriately, go enjoy your relaxing vacation!


My Basic Beauty Product List: