Okay People- Truth is, I’ve Fallen in Love with the Tan Towel.

As an advocate for the self-tanning method, I am always on the hunt. I look for tanning products that will leave my skin with a sun-kissed glow; not the orange, smelly, dull color that can quite frequently be the result of self-tanners.

I’m a huge fan of the Clarins self-tanning line, or getting a professional spray tan- but it can get a bit pricey and time-consuming.  I was looking for a less-expensive, simpler alternative; Tan Towel to the Rescue.  I’ve been on the fence about this product for a while; I thought the towelette would be difficult to manage, and wouldn’t distribute an even looking tan. Low and behold, I was wrong!

…The result really speaks for itself. It took three half body towelettes to cover me from the neck down.  One towelette for my upper half, one towelette for my lower half, and a third to touch up!  It was SO easy to apply: Use on clean, dry skin, use circular motions to distribute product evenly, and be sure to wash hands immediately after using, the entire process took about 7 minutes. The product smelled great, dried instantly, and I went about my day without feeling like I had put self-tanner on.  Within 2 hours I could already see my skin starting to glow.  The Tan Towel is a great solution for a quick, long-lasting way to achieve a sun-tanned look without the damage that comes with it!

Now, Time to Show it Off!




$ Purchase Here **Note: I used Tan Towel PLUS for the before/after pictures. Tan lasts about 6 days.