This is my sister, Tara.  She is a tireless mom, dog devotee, fun friend and a pragmatic personal trainer. She is only called by her nicknames, “BIG T“, “T-BONE” or “T“.  When addressed, people pronounce her nickname with vigor and it is usually accompanied with a high five!  This greeting is a direct reflection of how she lives her life, with a little oomph and a whole lotta pizazz.

My sister and I relish in our common traits and we give each other respect and admiration for our individual lives.  (I do not have six pack abs and my sister only owns one lip gloss that I gave her.)

The strength of sisters bears no explanation

I picked T for our first January post absolutely on point and purpose.  Here is what she had to say:


As January hangs over our heads with resolutions that are hard to keep, I inevitably have clients who come to me with a renewed vigor this time of year….but it doesn’t always last. Fitness and a healthy lifestyle should be year-round goals and they are actually possible to maintain. The key element: keep it simple!! We are more likely to stick to a successful plan with routines that are attainable, straight forward and easy to execute.

I believe in three main ways to kick up any workout and keep your mind and body in a positive state. Add plyometrics to your workout. This is a method of adding jumps into your training. We think of plyos as mainly an athlete’s method, but it does not have to be so intense. We can add a small jump or propulsion to a basic squat. (see photo) Add a small hop to a bench step up. Plyometrics increase the heart rate and force the muscles to be exerted with more force in shorter intervals. Protect the knees and keep it simple.











Core, core, core! Our core is the key to doing many daily physical exercises. We tend to focus on the abs, but the core as a whole supports our back, muscles around the pelvis, as well as the abdominals. Try a set of three different core exercises. But don’t do just one set, do three. You will feel a difference in the strength of your most important supporting muscles. 1. Plank- both basic and side 2. Full body sit up 3.Torso twist with a medicine ball or dumbbell. Try 3 sets of 15 reps each. For advanced moves, try a stability ball pike.

DSCF2412 DSCF2413












Get outdoors! Fresh air is an absolute guarantee to improving your mood, health, and to invigorate any workout. So go outside, embrace the cold. We have access now to great gear, town pathways, parks etc. So grab Fido, a pal, or your weights and breathe deeply. Get your Vitamin D and clear your mind. Keep it simple.


My favorite snack before or after a workout is a smoothie or some dried fruit and nuts.

FullSizeRender IMG_0330

Smoothie recipe: One banana, cup of almond milk & big scoop of peanut butter.

Tara works at Bodyscapes in Wellesley, Mass.