Summer is quickly vanishing and so are our golden tans.  Keeping  fresh and glowing skin into Fall after all the sun and surf can be a challenge.  I have the perfect answer.  I must add this is one of my all time big beauty secrets and one I rarely reveal!



Aura Cacia is an all natural brand found at Whole Foods, most health food stores and online.  It is a 100 % essential oil.  My favorite is their Grapeseed oil. It absorbs quickly and restores balance and firmness to skin.  This can be used on the ENTIRE BODY.  Feet, legs, arms, torso and directly onto face and around eyes!

I recommend using it at least once a week right after a shower and before bed.  Cover your entire body and you will be amazed how your skin will drink it up and leave no greasy feeling, just glowing skin.


Stay tuned for Basic Beauty’s Back to School Beauty Boosters!