Another Gem, from Gemma

The struggle of making your lipstick actually STICK to your lips for an extended period of time can be maddening…. But the answer to this problem doesn’t need to be found in the ‘Long-Lasting Lip-Wear’ section of your local drugstore.  You can keep your perfect pout all night using your favorite lipstick by following these simple steps.

1. Lightly coat your lips with a non-petroleum based Chapstick, giving your lips a matted moisture.unnamed-8

2.  Dab, or use a small concealer brush, to apply a thin layer of concealer to your lips.unnamed-7


When picking a lip-liner, keep in mind the lipstick you’ll be using.  There is no reason we should be walking around with two-toned lips in this day and age! Lip-liner is important in the priming of your lipstick, and keeping it from bleeding around your mouth.  I always suggest a NUDE lip-liner because it goes with almost any lip color you wear. However, if you are going for a bolder/darker look- you can match your lip-liner accordingly.

3. Apply your lip-liner to shape your pout. If you’re feeling dangerous enough to over-line a LITTLE bit, all the power to ya! I suggest blending your liner down a bit into your lip by dabbing or using a lip brush.unnamed-5

4.  Time for the lipstick! Apply as you normally would.unnamed-4

5.  Just like you set your foundation, you also have to set your lipstick! Take a thin piece of tissue, cover your lips (yes, over the lipstick you just beautifully applied)  put some loose powder on a soft cotton powder pad, and apply the powder over the tissue, onto your lips. Crazy, I know!unnamed-6

Now apply a final layer of your lipstick, a tad of gloss if you dare, and voila! You’re ready to hit the town.

unnamedHappy Valentine’s Day!

Tip** for even better results first, exfoliate your lips!