Snow Day!Snow days and being stuck inside offer a perfect opportunity for Basic Beauty Activities!  Hard to believe but Spring is actually around the corner and we want our heals, nails, skin, mind and hair to be Sunshine Ready.

Here are some simple things you can do today with things that are in your house already.. because you are going nowhere today.

Cracked Winter heals are the worst.  Have you ever felt them in your sheets or thought about what it would feel like if your snuggle partner could feel them.  GROSS!

Simple Solution:  Rub coconut oil into your heals and put on a pair of socks.  You can use these convenient small packs or take a spoonful right out of your tub, and rub!. Click here to see all of our uses for coconut oil. If you do not have coconut oil you can use olive oil (just be careful and have a paper towel near by). You can also use any heavy moisturizers you have around, hand cream is great option because it usually contains a more concentrated, thick moisture. Click here for full foot care ideas.  Now don’t forget about your finger nails and cuticles; rub coconut oil right into the nail base.  We use this for a quick manicured look before heading out the door. Click here to achieve a beautiful natural nail look.

masks hydrationDo you have any masks tucked away in your bathroom drawers?  One in your travel bag you never got to use?  Go get it.  Pull your hair up tight and lather that on while you are watching Netflix, or taking a hot relaxing bath.  DIY masks are also a great option, click here for our DIY favorite.

missspamaskbath time

Dry Winter Hair?  Again, try to find a sample you have stuck in the bottom of your vanity or one you bought to use when you finally had the time.  You can take a shower or relaxing bath and saturate your hair in this mask.  We suggest you just pull your hair up in a bun after and go about your day, after all you are inside for the day.  If you have to shovel, just put your hat right on top.  Click here for all of our invaluable hair hints.

IMG_0788Today is the day to start the book that has been on your night stand for months.  This author Jennifer Egan is coming out with a new book in April, in anticipation of that we ordered her Pulitzer Prize novel “A visit from the goon squad” to get a taste of her writing.  Stay warm and cozy and sip on some hot tea with lemon and honey.  We are loving this Arbonne Detox Tea.

Stay Warm, Laugh, Relax.. Get Your Beauty On!


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