Do they have school wide 1/2 days where you live?  We do and they seem to happen often!!  UGH, as I read the approaching date on the calendar!

This is what it looks like……….DSCF0760DSCF0758

BTW, when the contractor put that little bench in he said, “Oh this will be perfect for the kids to throw their coats and backpacks.”  And I, with utter confidence and over zealous determination said, “Oh-No not in this house.”

After the dread, all it takes is a roar of laughter from the boys in the basement, giggles from the girl’s room with Katy Perry blaring and I’m at ease!

Happy, Healthy Kids Hanging with their friends….it’s easy to find the BEAUTY in that!

Products used:DSCF0766

How happy this Magic Eraser makes me is embarrassing to admit.  Any stain on any surface can be removed with this.  I used it yesterday on a leather purse that got grease on it!  The best way to store an eraser that hasn’t been used up is in a plastic bag.  It helps it to keep it’s Magic Mojo. purchase here  This Crazy glue can fix any kind of break, crack, split…it has a brush on the end.  Amazing!  purchase here

Post clean up hand cream, I keep it right on my kitchen sink!  The name of it says it all, Skin Food. It is thick and luxurious and I absolutely love it.  It costs $ 18.00 but it will last the whole winter and then some.  It is great for kid’s chapped hands and cheeks. purchase here.DSCF0763