Makeup Therapy 

Take a look at your makeup selection.  Are you finding any dried-up tubes of mascara?  Disposable make up sponges without a spec of white to be found?  Ladies, it’s that time again, to face your inner-slob.  So, cancel your plans because it’s time to give your makeup space some well-deserved TLC.

Getting Started:   Spread out a clean (bath size!) towel onto your bed, and a waste-basket in throwing distance.  Now dump out your makeup bags, make up drawers, and “organizers”.  Now open your mind, because it’s time to re-beaut your makeup game.

Clean up Your Act:   Using a gentle all-purpose cleaner, clean the surface on which you keep all your makeup. Depending upon the material, throw them in the washing machine or scrub them clean with warm water and soap.  I swear by my plastic makeup organizer from the Container Store.  When it gets grubby I send it right through the dishwasher.

Don’t Brush us Aside:  Makeup brushes could be the most important part of re-beauting, and deserve some special attention.  With the right maintenance they can last us a lifetime.  You can use a purchased brush cleaner or DIY with baby shampoo or any unscented gentle soap.  Swish your brushes in a warm, wet, soapy sponge or your hand to draw out the leftover makeup.  Rinse brushes until the water runs clear, but never soak them or the bristles will loosen. Leave brushes to dry, flat on a dry towel, and be patient!  It can take about a day or so before your brushes are fully dry.  So put in for a sick day, or … even better … parade your naturally beautiful look!

Take or Toss – Just because it says Chanel doesn’t mean it’s everlasting:   Okay, your brushes and storage units are taken care of.  Now, the moment you’ve been dreading.  Make two piles:  Take and Toss.  Sanity must come into play here.  You’ll find yourself emotionally attached to some items that even you can’t find a reason for.  Just tell yourself, “We are not in a committed relationship.” Let this be your goodbye.. I know, it’s hard.  Open each of your eight mascaras and keep just the few (we still like to keep our options open) that have product left!  Do this with the other multiples of products you own.  If you haven’t used it in over a month, chances are you won’t use it again. Toss it!  There are obvious exceptions like seasonal makeup; let these items hibernate during the off-season in a clean makeup bag or drawer.

Make a Change for your Makeup:   After you’ve created a significant Toss pile, organize your makeup space according to you.  Find a way to keep your makeup easily accessible; this will keep the spills and breaks to a minimum. Separate your face brushes from your eye brushes, your eye makeup from your face makeup, your concealers from your foundation. Whatever makes sense to you, and doesn’t require much upkeep.  Add some style!  Go out and buy plastic storage drawers from Target (no one will ever know) or grab a pretty mug from your kitchen cabinet to keep your brushes looking fabulous.  Get creative ladies, this space is all about re-beautifying you.

1782086_2598191914244_234313054_nAnd now, the “A-Ha!” moment we’ve all been waiting for..