Saturday Night Smokey Eye

Basic Beauty believes strongly in emphasizing natural beauty, but we also believe a night out allows for some fun and creativity with your look.  Eye-makeup can be intimidating;  follow the steps below for a simple way to achieve your best smokey eye.

How to Achieve This Look:

Tip: As a guide for application placement take the end of your eyeshadow brush and place it where your eyebrow ends, diagonally down to where your first outer eyelash begins. Your eyeshadow should not exceed this point.

  1. This should be the first step of your makeup routine! Things could get messy. Leave your face makeup out of the drama.
  2. Choose an eye palette, or eyeshadows with a gradient value. You want your eye shadow to be darkest on the outside, and lightest on the inside.  I personally love Urban Decay’s Naked palette’s 1,2&3 as they have a wide variety of color to use.
  3. Start by curling your lashes! This step is crucial.
  4. If preferred, use a primer on your eyelids to help the eyeshadow stay all night.
  5. Using a nude color (nude specific to your skin-tone) and an oval shadow brush, cover your entire lid up to the brow bone.
  6. With that same brush blend a tan/light brown color (or color of your preference) from the outside of your lid inward and upward using a circular motion to act as your transition color.
  7. Using a pointed crease brush, take a darker brown or color and create an inverted V shape (< ) from the outer lash line up to the crease of your eye and blend from the outside, in reaching only mid-eyelid, and not exceeding the height of your transition color.
  8. Using a gel, liquid, or pencil eyeliner. Create your desired line as close to the lash-line as possible. This will amplify the look of your lashes, and eyeshadow. Black or dark brown work best.
  9. Use a light eyeshadow, lighter than your nude and press that color just beneath your eyebrows, for a highlight.
  10. Apply your favorite mascara to make your eyes POP.
  11. Using your pointed crease brush, use that second color used over the nude, and fill in your lower lashes for a more dramatic effect.
  12. Use a q-tip or cotton ball and clean all the fall out that may have occurred here.