1. Divergent Series  2. Between Shades of Grey  3. The Fault in Our Stars  4.Life as we Knew It series  5. Elsewhere

I have always loved to read and always will, but I have never had a favorite book.  One that is worth Mentioning though is Between Shades of Grey.  The topic of the Holocaust fascinates and haunts me. This has parallel themes and struggles.  The author Ruta Sepetys discusses the Soviet Union taking over Russia and the surrounding countries.  Families are being taken from their homes and are being sent to Serbia to do forced labor. The main character is a 15 year old girl named, Lina.  She struggles with love, caring for her mother and brother as well as trying to contact her father who has been sent to a labor camp.  Lina fights for her life with strength and hope.  This book though filled with darkness will keep you up reading until late at night and teach you about hope and courage.  A must read!