Another Gem from Gemma…

Our second family is Zoe and Avery (Daughters) and Martha (Mom)

This beautiful trio posses a connection unlike many could imagine; they explained the importance of acceptance, and trust in their relationship as how they maintain such a special bond.  Another way they keep their relationship so strong?  They have fun together!

We asked them two questions; What do you find beautiful about yourself, and what do you find beautiful about each other.  Their answers were genuine, and effortless.

As for my girls; they are my best friends.  They impress me everyday with how kind and funny they are, and we have the best times together. As for myself; I love that I’m lucky enough to have such a great relationship with my daughters.  We have the ability to share things with one another, and we’re always-always laughing.” -Martha 

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“I love how my Mom and I like to do the same things, she gives me guidance and direction, and I really look up to her. She has my sense of humor, and we’re always laughing together.  And me?  I challenge myself.  I love dancing, singing, and acting, and I like to go above and beyond in those aspects of my life.  I”m always trying to get better.” -Avery  

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“My Mom is caring, kind and really funny.  I can go to her with any problem and know she’ll give me the best advice.  She is my Mom, and she’s also my friend, that’s pretty cool.  When it comes to myself, I think I’m really dedicated to the things I love to do.  I believe you have to work hard for the things you want to succeed in, and I try to do just that.”  -Zoe

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..If those answers don’t emanate True Beauty, I’m not sure what does!