Every makeup artist and beauty blogger needs to keep up with all the new products on the market.  New creams, makeup brushes, and application practices change quickly.  Learning new things is exciting and fun for us here at Basic Beauty... Therefore, attending Bloomingdales’ Makeup Date event where you learn from the leading brands most experienced artists was so educational and enjoyable for us.

We selected our old favorite, the most tried and true brand, Bobbi Brown.  We have every book Bobbi Brown has ever written, and most of all, we concur with her belief that beauty comes from within.

The secret to beauty is simple-be who you are. -Bobbi Brown



Here are the products we played and fell in love with all over again.

Bobbi Brown Nourishing Lip color in Desert Rose.  I consider this a Bold-Fall look.  This color is on trend and makes any look pop.

Bobbi Brown Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm.  Crazy about it.  Can be used alone, on top of makeup, or mixed with your current foundation. The artist we worked with showed us how to combine a drop of the balm with a bit of cream blush.  She then patted it on the center of the cheek with her fingertips.  This is a perfect way to take your look from day to night, or simply freshen up any time of day.

Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Concealer.  WOW! Serum and coverage together…BAM!


P.S.  We did spot Antonio from last year’s event!  Beauty Day 2015