Maggie Messina

Teen beauty blogger, avid reader, lip gloss obsessed


Maggie is heading to SMU in Dallas Texas in the Fall of 2018.  She is excited for her new adventure and looks forward to new friends, fun and beautiful weather!  Maggie studied hard during her high school years and has a huge passion for reading and writing. While not hidden behind a book or a computer screen, Maggie enjoys tutoring young students in any subject they need help in through her tutoring company Academic Assistance. She loves watching someone finally understand a math problem or learn how to write a strong topic sentence. As much as she enjoys helping other people learn, she loves to learn and grow herself. When she is not traveling through the journeys of the characters in her books and TV shows, she loves to travel the real world. She has been to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the beaches of Spain, the countryside of Italy, and the Buckingham Palace of Great Britain.

What really makes Maggie the happiest is having a new shade of lip gloss on or buying a new mascara. Writing the beauty blog has been so much fun for her. She gets to learn about and try on all different kinds of products, but she also gets to reach out to people of her age group about what makeup and hair products are best for them. The blog has allowed Maggie to help teens with acne, difficult hair or chapped lips.  All of this problem solving makes Maggie feel like she is making some difference in the world.  Maggie will continue to blog from Texas with all sorts of fun new make up ideas and solutions.  Picture her wearing great cowboy boots as she blogs from her dorm room.

My Recent Work

Dorm Room Essentials

College comes with all sorts of new changes.  Change in climate, sleeping and eating habits and the frequency of clean laundry!  The demands of a college International Business class may create a whole new level of stress as well.  Break outs may come back to get you...

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Heat & Humidity Hair Help

Going to college in Texas in the fall is going to bring about a lot of change. I might start saying y'all, I will begin wearing cowboy boots, and I will be eating a lot of barbecue. I am very excited about all the change to come. Except, there is one thing I am not...

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My Skincare Routine

EVER Skincare products have completely changed my life! Starting three months ago, I began to use three of EVER’s products consistently everyday. These included: REBALANCE Gentle Purifying Cleanser - I wash my face every night with this wash. I am really noticing that...

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