Maggie Messina

Teen beauty blogger, avid reader, lip gloss obsessed


Maggie is a junior at Needham High School and has a huge passion for reading and writing. She can’t get her nose out of a great book, or writing an essay she feels enthusiastic about. While not hidden behind a book or a computer screen, Maggie enjoys tutoring young students in any subject they need help in through her tutoring company Academic Assistance. She loves watching someone finally understand a math problem or learn how to write a strong topic sentence. As much as she enjoys helping other people learn, she loves to learn and grow herself.

Due to her academic excellences, she recently got accepted into the National Society of High School Scholars and National Honors Society at her high school. Maggie also loves to be spinning or playing on the lacrosse field, and in her down time, she is watching multiple shows on Netflix like Grey’s Anatomy. When she is not traveling through the journeys of the characters in her books and TV shows, she loves to travel the real world. She has been to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the beaches of Spain, the countryside of Italy, and the Buckingham Palace of Great Britain.

But what really makes Maggie the happiest is having a new shade of lip gloss on or buying a new mascara. Writing the beauty blog has been so much fun for her. She gets to learn about and try on all different kinds of products, but she also gets to reach out to people of her age group about what makeup and hair products are best for them. The blog makes Maggie feel like she is making some difference in the beauty world while also improving her writing skills.

My Recent Work

Summer Reading

As much as I love makeup, I also spend a lot of my time reading. There is nothing better than being able to escape into the character's world rather than be in the reality of having to write my college essay. And after spending the past year studying with no time to...

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Summer Essentials

Junior year is finally over, and I am ready for Summer! The sun is out, so I have started to think about what sunscreens, aloes, and hair products I am going to need. After much thought, I figured out what must-haves I want to put in my summer, on-the-go bag.  ...

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Best Hair Dryer

I've been in search of a good hair dryer that doesn't cost a fortune for a long time.  I came upon this one on sale at ULTA Beauty.  T Studio Thermaluxe Pro Series Hair Dryer.  The sales consultant at ULTA was raving about it and said she owned it herself.  For 34.99...

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Got Zits?

  When stress hits you need to act fast. Mario Badescu Drying Lotion is a Basic Beauty favorite when it comes to spot treatment for acne. It clears pimples overnight with its fast acting salicylic acid, sulfur and calamine. Application Tip: DO NOT SHAKE THE...

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