Along my Beauty Journey I have had the pleasure of meeting and learning from some of the Industries best!  My idea of a brush with celebrity. (no pun intended)


The One and only Trish McEvoy.  She is as beautiful and charming as you could imagine.  Her unique concept of the “make up planner” sets her apart in the industry.  I have never completed a face with out using her Eye Brightener Shell.  It is used to highlight under the eyebrow.  I say it’s like a surgical eye lift in one swoosh and blend!


Nicky Kinnaird founder and president of Space NK.  Space NK is a little nook in Bloomingdale’s cosmetic department.  Nicky is my business and beauty idol.  She herself is beautiful and speaks with a soft Irish accent. She travels all over the world to discover new beauty products and secrets.  My favorite thing she said is, “Your lifestyle shows in your face.”  She believes beauty comes from the inside out. Her beauty picks include wellness boosting supplements, aromatic candles, bath milks and the best of the best make up and hair products.  In my pretend-world I am her!!


Dr. Lens founder of  Zelens skin care.  Dr Lens is an international authority on skin aging and skin cancer.  His Instant renewal mask (seen here) kept me glowing for days.  He quickly recommended his Z Matrix Energy and Moisture Infusion product for my “Fatigued skin.”

The best part about this picture is that he kept asking me, “Are you sure you don’t want the picture after we are finished?”   For mature skin I highly recommend his entire line of products.

Katrina Hess make up artist extraordinaire located on Newbury Street Boston Massachusetts.  Katrina is continually mentioned in Best of Boston magazine for her make up and eyebrows.  She tutored and guided me through a rigorous day of blending, plucking and highlighting, using four of my friends as models.  She is a true artist and if you are ever in Boston, a trip to Katrina Hess to get your eyebrows in the perfect face framing shape, is a grand idea!






Dancing through life is what I do, literally!  Working as a dance teacher allows me to do what I love, and share this passion with my students.

With a great devotion to helping other’s feel beautiful and happy from the inside out, I developed a dance-fitness program for adults to create a place for women to stay healthy, but also gain some happy in the process! My program, Fun&Fit promotes a healthy lifestyle that can be accomplished out of a fun, dance-inspired atmosphere.

With all that I do, my obsession with all things beauty has only grown throughout the years. It truly completes what makes me, me!


I am busy with my academic and athletic endeavors.  In my spare time I read,  tutor children, cook with my father and whenever possible- binge on Netflix!

I love fashion, make up and helping others with beauty dilemmas!