How can we talk about Beauty without mentioning feet?  Yes, your feet.  If you are having a fabulous hair day,  sporting your cute maxi dress or maybe debuting your new wedges how can you truly have a jump in your step, if your feet don’t look good.

My beauty mantra has always been, no chipped toe nail polish and no cracked heals. Luckily, I would never make a beauty rule without giving you the tools to achieve it:

**  Bring your own nail polish to your pedicures or purchase the color you love there.  This way you always have the exact color for touch ups.  Pack it for vacations when you are more likely to chip and want to look your best.

photo 2


**  Keep a small scrub brush in your shower for your toes.  These are not just for young kids in the bath tub.  Purchase and use a pumice stone in the shower.  I occasionally use a body scrub on my heels with the pumice stone and it works wonders.

** Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Cream is the best product for cracked heels!  Put on at night before bed.  Some days I rub it on and then put on my socks and sneakers. I  go for a walk a run or go about my day!  It’s like a mini spa day.

photo 3

** Dionis Goat Milk Heel Repair Stick.  This is all natural and in a convenient tube for on the go.  This is also great for cracked elbows, dry patches and would be fabulous for boogie board or surfboard rashes!

DSC00653Happy Feet * Happy Summer!