~Nothing Changes unless something Changes~

The month of May with it’s tremendous burst of fresh energy is just what we need to refresh and renew our winter weary bodies. We thinks it’s no accident that Mother’s Day happens to be in May! The beautiful weather inspires us to lighten up and to de clutter from within and around us. This mother’s day we suggest you incorporate one new thing that might brighten up your days just a touch more! Here are some fabulous products and fun ideas that will make trying something new easy. 


A bright headband – Renu’s must have spin wardrobe item! It not only keeps sweat away from your eyes, a colorful headband is a perfect accent to your spin attire, an instant way to get the “look” while bringing color indoors.

Waterproof eyeliner. Laura Mercier caviar sticks have astounding staying power. These work perfectly to get you through a spin class and onto your busy day. Our favorites colors are Sapphire and Jungle. They will accent any eye color.

Sai-Sei Mineral deep moisture body cream. Sae-Sei means “rebirth and renewal” This hydrating cream contains essential oils from Japanese ancient hot springs. This cream smells divine and actually makes your skin tingle. It’s hydrating abilities are perfect for preparing your skin for Spring and summer. (Product can be found at Space N.K in Bloomingdales)

Candle-light Balance Lavender & Pachoulic. Light this candle at dinner time in the kitchen right when the day can be hectic or place it on your night stand to light while you read. The lavender scent will relax and sooth while the pachouli will inspire and rejuvenate. (candle can be found at CVS)

Share the LOVE! Take a walk or a run with a friend. What a great way to celebrate and energize while having FUN! Looking to mix things up a bit this season ~ try a short run before or after spin. Stretch. Oh, need a good new song for inspiration? Check out SUMMER by Calvin Harris.

Something yummy and good for you – Yep! Try adding new ingredients to your favorite foods…Here are some super easy ways to eat healthy:

-Agave and Almond Butter on whole grain toast with freshly sliced banana – Yum!

– Greek Yogurt Raita – Grated cucumber, fresh mint leaves in Greek yogurt with a hint of salt and roasted cumin seeds. Makes a great dip!

– Pomegranate seeds will make any salad exciting!!! Eat by the spoonful or add to your favorite salad for extra crunch and flavor.

Enjoy your Mother’s Day…You deserve it!