Gemma Santamaria

Beauty Enthusiast, Dancer, Friend



Makeup instruction
Performance makeup
Event makeup application
Teen Self Confidence and Image Consulting


Gemma is a self-proclaimed beauty enthusiast. She believes beauty can be found in anyone, or anything.

Gemma thrives on making people feel their own kind of beautiful; and is able to do so through her work with Basic Beauty. Over the years she started becoming her friend’s and family’s go-to makeup guru, in hopes of expanding her network she decided it best to put her love for writing, advising, entrepreneurship, and beauty knowledge onto a greater, and more helpful platform. As the Co-Founder of Gemma has discovered the importance of women building each other up, not breaking each other down. Her passion roots from this, as does this business. She works with young teens, teens, millennials, and adults with product recommendations, makeup application, skincare dilemmas, etc. Her purpose is to leave her customer’s happy and satisfied. Everyone is different, Gemma and her team strive to accommodate their clients beauty needs as personally as they can. Gemma also owns her own Dance for Fitness company, The Beauty Barre where she continues to motivate and encourage women by way of fitness and health. Gemma enjoys spending time with loved ones, laughing, and enjoying life. What drives her is turning dreams into reality.

Gemma gains contentment in adding a piece of happy into peoples’ lives.

Gemma brings positive energy to every situation!

“Gemma is one of our most gifted instructors, both in terms of her knowledge and her ability to relate to students of all ages in a way that motivates and inspires them. She has great passion for what she does, and believes everyone has the ability to accomplish something they set their mind to. Gemma’s encouraging attitude instills confidence and comfort in her students. She brings positive energy to every situation…what I think everyone loves about her the most.”

Alicia Reilly
Dance Studio Director

'Professional, educational and FUN'

“My daughter and I absolutely loved our mom and me makeup party. Having a teenager, I wanted her to learn about makeup, but I knew it wasn’t going to come from me. Tracilee and Gemma were professional, educational & FUN. My daughter still follows the Basic Beauty Blog to this day. It was one of the best events that we have shared as mother and daughter.”

Patricia Thames

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