Another Gem from Gemma,

Beautify your Living Space on a Budget!

As a girl in her young twenties living with an ever fluctuating bank account, I have to learn to cut corners on certain avenues of my life. This includes the want for a beautiful, Pinterest inspired bedroom.  I recently moved into a new apartment (note: new to me, it was probably last renovated in the 1960’s) and was faced with a small bedroom dilemma.  Working with a small space can be a very large task, but I found a few simple ways to turn a previously bland and cluttered bedroom into a fabulous space!




First of all, the lighting!  Nothing makes a small room appear smaller than harsh lighting.  I chose a floor lamp with an ivory rice paper shade that gives a warm glow, and a cozy effect. For my bedside table I have a globe lamp that gives the perfect bedroom ambience.

Now, the closet.. Or lack there of.  This was my biggest challenge, what to do with an awkward space.   What’s a beauty enthusiast to do?  Create a makeup vanity of course!   I made a table top out of wood, to fit the exact measurements of the closet.  With that same wood, I made three floating shelves that sit on the wall directly next to my new makeup section, this can hold all my beauty essentials! I put 6 LED push lights on the walls of my new makeup section, for a glamorous touch. A cute vanity stool, a faux fur rug.. and you’ve transformed an awkward space into a beautiful, usable area!





Another trick for living in a small bedroom is how you arrange your furniture, and how you store your things.  I placed my bed to create floor space by the window.  I replaced my bedside table with a small bookshelf, and keep my undergarments, camisoles, leggings, etc. in these adorable wicker baskets.  Instead of a clunky dresser that takes up half my room, I am using under-bed drawers, and am lucky enough to have roommates that I can share closet space with!


With just a touch of extra effort I created my perfect, Pinterest approved bedroom…. on a budget!  It is all about making your bedroom a place you want to be, and that is possible in any shape and size!

From Drab, to Fab!