The newest and truest beauty trend is sure to change your makeup regimen from here on out. Our beautiful friend Victoria (who also has the most FAB youtube channel you must subscribe!) shows a step by step process in the technique of Face Baking.



What is Face Baking?  It is an effective method in setting your foundation and concealer to achieve an airbrushed look.

How do I Face Bake?  After applying concealer to your desired areas apply a generous amount of translucent setting powder directly on top of your blended concealer.  Let the powder sit for 2-5 minutes allowing the heat from your skin to naturally “bake” the concealer into your skin. After waiting the allotted time, lightly dust off the powder- You’ll be amazed at how smooth your skin will appear.




Picture Tutorial: Conceal, Set, Dust.

For a complete break down of Victoria’s gorgeous and glamorous finished look, click here.