This is my cousin Emma!  She is family, a best friend and my biggest supporter!

She has always amazed me with her self confidence and determination.  She is the Goalie for the A team in her town.  I asked her to do a blog post on being a goalie.  Here’s what she wrote…IMG_1033

When you put on those gloves, you put on the weight of the team. Without the goalie, soccer wouldn’t be the sport we know it as today. When you stand under the white net, you don’t have a clue on what kind of game could occur. Your offense could be scoring goal after goal, or they could be letting the ball slip under their feet like ice. What ever way your team plays affects how you play. Some days I could have time to spare with having the best seat in the house, or my knees could be torn to shreds and I can’t move for hours after the game. Some days more goals are scored then saved, and as a goalie, you have to have tolerance for that kind of defeat. At the darkest moments, when I want to curl into my dirty smelly yellow shirt of shame, I have to turn that anger in to determination, put on my angry face and make enemies. But no matter how I play, I know that my team will always have my back. I play soccer because I love the sport, I play goalie because I love the glory. Win loose or tie, I’m a soccer goalie for life.