Confident Beauty

Beauty tips and products for the mature, confident woman.

Ages 40 & Up

Every stage in life has its challenges. Walking with confidence into the future can be overwhelming while dealing with sudden changes in our skin, hair, and metabolism. We can get stuck with an old beauty routine that no longer fits our life style or changing self image. Get tips and tricks to keep you fresh, vibrant and modern. Simple solutions with beautiful results.


Dewy Skin Perfection.

We've all come to discover what amazing things a great highlighter can do to the appearance of our faces. If you haven't, check out all the benefits in this post. Now imagine taking your highlight to the next level. The newest trend of "glossing" will leave your skin...

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The No Makeup Look.

Sometimes it can be a little scary leaving the house without any makeup. Whatever the reason, it's nice to have a go-to regimen for a quick, easy, no makeup look that makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. The combo is different for everybody. I have found that...

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I actually think this is how my beauty addiction started.  Chaptsick!  I have been in search of the perfect lip moisturizer since about the 6th grade.  I have sensitive skin and perpetually dry lips.  Even with all my testing of lipsticks and lip glosses, I have never...

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What's that saying....A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words.......yes, that's it! Basic Beauty loves Prom season because we get to play with all of our glitter and gloss.  We see so many young pretty girls bubbling with excitement for their big night.  We get to see...

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Summer Spotlight

Basic Beauty has discovered its newest and truest summer favorite.  Sarah McNamara's Miracle Skin Transformer for face and tinted beauty balm for body will make your summer brighter in so many ways. We cannot get over our new discovery! This is an absolute MUST HAVE...

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Going Gray the Gorgeous Way.

  This is Annie! She is our kind of beauty!         After turning 50 and tired of warding off those pesky gray hairs, Annie decided to embrace her gray and find a way to enjoy her new look.  She said to me,” I just want to feel like myself.”...

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The Best Face, Lip & Eye Primers.

When it comes to makeup, staying power is key. Priming will not only keep your products in place, but it will also smooth your skin by minimizing the appearance of pores and fine lines. Needless to say, add this step to your makeup routine! Here are a few our tried...

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You only get one chance to make a first impression. Having your makeup done professionally and having a proper headshot taken is priceless.  This is why: It says a lot about who you are. You can utilize your photo in many ways across multiple social media platforms....

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Snow Day Activities

Snow days and being stuck inside offer a perfect opportunity for Basic Beauty Activities!  Hard to believe but Spring is actually around the corner and we want our heals, nails, skin, mind and hair to be Sunshine Ready. Here are some simple things you can do today...

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Brush it Off

BRUSH IT OFF We love cleaning our makeup brushes.  There is something therapeutic about it and of course absolutely neccessary for proper hygiene. Failing to clean your brushes on a regular basis causes product buildup and bacteria which can be damaging to your...

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Valentine’s Day

A day to celebrate all the people in our lives that we love! Doesn't get much better than that.     Here is what Basic Beauty is giving to the special people in our lives: Sephora Brand Creamy Night Mask Moisturizing & Plumping.  We can not get over the...

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Metabolism Must!

We really don't like deprivation at Basic Beauty, so when we are trying to boost our metabolism, our beauty habits or our brain power we like to ADD something to our routine.  This is a tried and true natural remedy to help gut health, decrease your appetite and kick...

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