We all have at least one complaint about our hair….  It’s too frizzy, it’s too flat, I wish I could wear a sloppy bun, I just can’t get the color right.  Basic Beauty wants you to take back control, accept your unique beauty and always enter a room with confidence!

Here’s a couple of Basic Beauty Helpful Hair Hints:

When you show up for your hair appointment, turn off your phone and relax.  You rarely get time to yourself, enjoy not being able to be reached.


Go ahead tell your deepest secrets to a stranger.  Who wouldn’t when they are running long nails through your hair and pouring hot water in your ears!

Be clear when you sit down what your expectations are for that appointment.  Even if you have been going to someone for years, speak up if you are going for a new look.


Don’t leave unhappy. If you have not achieved your desired look take a minute and have it fixed right then. You will just go home upset and have to find the time to come back again. Remember, when you come in the next time to have it fixed you will feel obligated to tip again.  Speak up now!

Don’t feel obliged to buy all the products that are recommended. We often leave the salon unable to replicate how we looked even if we buy the $100.00 sculpting gel. Write down the products they suggested and knock away at the list slowly or go home and order on Amazon!


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