brow shaping brow waxing perfect brow shapingBrows are the most important feature to frame the face.  When you have decided it’s time to shape up your brows, you have some important decisions to make.

Should you pluck, wax or thread your brows?  Each of these decisions have pros and cons.  It is up to you which one you are more comfortable with, and what you think may suit your skin type.  Most importantly you should really take your time and look carefully at yourself in the mirror and recognize your brows really frame your face and reflect your unique beauty.

What we want to stress most of all is, at a young age you do not want to alter the natural shape of your brows. Many times over plucking or waxing will lead to the hairs never growing back. Brow trends tend to change and you will not want thin brows that you forever need to pencil in. Charlotte Tilbury, a famous make up artist that we love, has a chart, shown above, that is perfect for you to follow when plucking or grooming your brows. The current trend is thick brows. “Brow is Now”  is what Charlotte Tilbury says.

Sometimes all you need to do is pluck a few hairs here and there, but if you decide to get your brows waxed or threaded make sure you go to a reputable salon. Ask around to see which aestheticians your friends like. Go with a friend or your mom. Be very clear with the aesthetician about what you want done. Sometimes it is helpful to have a picture with you. Then ask her again what she is going to do and have her show you with a mirror.  It is perfectly fine to be in charge of what is happening; do not be intimidated.  Don’t be nervous either….it only hurts a little bit!

Waxing tips:

  1. Try not to book an appointment the week of your mentsrual cycle because your skin tends to be more sensitive. If you have redness, a cold washcloth is the best at calming the area.
  2.  If you have a big event coming up, get your brows waxed at least 4-5 days before the event.
  3. Be very clear on what shape you want. You may only want waxing underneath or in the middle. Also, you can always get more next time so start small.

If you decide to pluck your own brows, get good eyebrow tweezers.  Tweezerman makes great tweezers. Us a magnifying mirror, so you clearly see which hairs you are taking out. Grooming your eyebrows is the easiest and least invasive option.  Just using a clear brow gel or defining with an eyebrow pencil can make your eyebrows pop!

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