Another Gem, from Gemma.

Let’s be honest, as we get older Birthday’s can become a reminder of just that, getting OLDER.  So this year I decided to embrace my Birthday, and have some fun with it!  I am lucky enough to have some pretty unbeatable friends who showered me with happiness this year (and a bed full of presents.) We dolled up; makeup and outfits galore, and had ourselves a night to remember!  24 is a big one; I believe it is a year of tremendous growth and change.. And if my birthday celebrations were any indication of how it will be, It’s going to be a blast too!


Using my favorite “Going Out” makeup, and a flashy “It’s definitely MY Birthday” outfit, I rocked my debut as a 24 year-old!


Products Used:

EyeshadowMascaraFoundationConcealerBronzerHighlighterSetting Powder


TopNecklaceSkirt, Shoes