We at Your Basic Beauty love when we find one product that meets the need of all three of our generations.  We tend to fight over them actually when we are together working or trying to get photo shoots done.


The product we are crazy about is EVER Reveal Pads.  They smooth and re-texturize the surface of any age skin.

We will REVEAL below what we each feel about these Pads:

Maggie: Beginner Beauty.  I use these pads daily after my workout and before I get into the shower.  I am amazed how much they have calmed my skin and completely cut down my break outs.  I really like the tingly feeling and love how clean my face feels.  I have also been lathering on the REMEDY product, specifically on my chin, to reduce blemish scars!!

Gemma: Authentic Beauty.  I use these pads daily in the morning after I wash my face with the daily REBALANCE cleanser.  I have had redness on my cheeks for years, and I think the combination of the cleanser and pads has significantly reduced the redness.  With an upcoming wedding, I am committed to using only products that are the best for my skin.

Tracilee: Confident Beauty.  I use these pads every evening before I put on my Overnight Facial Oil.  The combination of the two products has given me a new confidence in my bare skin.  I workout, walk the dog, and run errands without any make up on, and I have seen a reduction in my age spots and some brightening of my skin texture. YAY!

Here is a blurb from the Company Website to inform you a little bit more on what is in and not in the EVER products.

EVER CONSCIOUS represents our rigorous ingredient standards. We formulate with ingredients that are good-for-you, while delivering performance at the same time. The majority of our ingredients are botanically-powered, which means derived from a plant, non-petroleum mineral, inorganic or other natural source. Our formulas and ingredients are free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, propylene glycol, synthetic fragrances and colors, chemical sunscreens, and hydroquinone, among others. We do not test our products on animals. We also used recyclable and responsible packaging where possible and our cartons are made using wind-powered energy. Are your products natural or organic? These terms are used loosely by many beauty companies without any approved health or safety standards established by the FDA. The majority of EVER formulas are botanically-powered, -such as our Magnolia-based LSR10® Bioactive Complex. However, we use some synthetic ingredients to improve active penetration of ingredients, stability and shelf life so we can deliver the most effective and luxurious formulas possible.

We at YBB have decided as a company to represent these products.  Click Here to see a brief video by Tracilee on how we came to this decision.