Authentic Beauty

The beauty world is your oyster!

Ages 20-40


Beauty is defined by an individual’s wants and needs. These desires will grow and change, as we will, through adulthood. You will find answers to dilemmas broad and specific here. It’s never too late to be and feel your best self!

Bride to Be.

Join me on my journey from Miss, to Mrs! I'll be taking you through the ins and outs of planning, creating, budgeting- and not to mention choosing my own makeup artist to complete this special day!  We've got a year to go, and a LOT to do. Stay tuned to experience the...

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The Perfect Summer Tote

    We all have that one (or five) perfect summer bag. It's light and pretty- exactly how we all want feel! Take a peak inside Basic Beauty's Perfect Summer Tote to see what we think every woman should be carrying around this season.      ...

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Summer Dress Heaven

Summer is always more fun when you have a place to go, and a dress to wear! My favorite dress and shoe purchases this season will keep me elegant for Summer weddings, and preppy for a 4th of July on Cape Cod.   Pair with L'Oreal's Jennifer's Nude lipstick &...

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Best Self Tanners

Get glowing this summer with any of our favorite self tanning methods. Whether for your face, body, 24 hour stay, or long-lasting.. we've got you covered.   Face  Both of these products are buildable. For long lasting results must use for 2-3 days in a row....

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Dewy Skin Perfection.

We've all come to discover what amazing things a great highlighter can do to the appearance of our faces. If you haven't, check out all the benefits in this post. Now imagine taking your highlight to the next level. The newest trend of "glossing" will leave your skin...

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The No Makeup Look.

Sometimes it can be a little scary leaving the house without any makeup. Whatever the reason, it's nice to have a go-to regimen for a quick, easy, no makeup look that makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. The combo is different for everybody. I have found that...

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