As the warm weather (slowly) approaches, we may find ourselves attending events lasting longer than a few hours.  In situations like this, I always feel it necessary to have my ‘touch up’ kit on hand.  Even with the right primer after a certain amount of time, we can only look so fresh…


Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day a bit early this year was a perfect excuse to break out my touch up kit.  As we took a breather from the celebration, we had just enough time to re-create our looks.10149861_2655716552324_1483516765_n

If you feel like your skin has experienced a bit too much oil build up, try using an oil absorbing sheet before beginning your touch up!  Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets

Using a highlighter pencil is a perfect way to brighten your under eye area, and give life back to your face. My favorite is the Chella Skin Care Highlighter Pencil.

A bronzing powder will give you that bit of warmth that this past winter has shamelessly left us without. I have sworn by Bobbi Brown’s bronzing powder for years to achieve a matte, natural look.

A sweep of blush is key in waking your face up. Bobbi Brown has a variety of colors so you can find your perfect rouge. I used Nectar on Carley.

A lipgloss with some color, I used Easy Lover by NARS on Carley, and just like that, you look brand new!