About Us

Beauty Mission

We are three women who share a common goal of wanting to help others on their path to personal beauty. We know from experience that a happy and healthy life does not need to be complicated, demanding or unattainable. Simple steps, beliefs and habits create beauty in motion. We would love to assist you on your beauty journey. We are partners who represent three distinct age groups. We know each age group comes with its own dilemmas. We have your solution based on our own personal experiences and beauty product knowledge. Our objective is to have you capable of achieving a desired look all on your own. We are unique because we respect the time you are willing to spend, utilizing products you already own, and keeping in your budget.

We all step out with a little more confidence when we feel “Put Together.” This includes a killer outfit, a cooperative hair day, and just the right amount of makeup to accentuate the beauty you already possess.

Your Authors

Gemma Santamaria

Gemma is a self-proclaimed beauty enthusiast. She believes beauty can be found in anyone, or anything. Gemma thrives on making people feel their own kind of beautiful; and is able to do so through her work with Basic Beauty. Over the years she started becoming her friend’s and family’s go-to makeup guru, in hopes of expanding her network she decided it best to put her love for writing, advising, entrepreneurship, and beauty knowledge onto a greater, and more helpful platform. Gemma graduated from UMass Amherst with a BA in Communication and worked in the Marketing and Promotional field at Greater Media Boston after graduating. She now owns her own Dance for Fitness company; The Beauty Barre where she continues to motivate and encourage women by way of fitness and health.


Tracilee Messina

Tracilee has been a makeup artist and personal beauty consultant for six years.  Her passion is to teach women how to apply their own makeup to enhance their natural beauty. She helps align women’s beauty goals with their lifestyle, time, budget and desired look.  She also work with clients on achieving a natural and professional look when having a professional photograph taken for use in magazines, other print media, on social media, corporate websites and more.


Maggie Messina

What makes Maggie the happiest is having a new shade of lip gloss on or buying a new mascara. Writing the beauty blog has been so much fun for her. She gets to learn about and try on all different kinds of products, but she also gets to reach out to people of her age group about what makeup and hair products are best for them. The blog makes Maggie feel like she is making some difference in the beauty world while also improving her writing skills.