2017Resolutions are in full swing!

Now is the perfect time to revamp your beauty routine. If you are going to update your wardrobe, clean out your kitchen drawers and detox your eating habits, then it is time to dive into your make up bag, clean out your bathroom drawers, sift through your purse and reorganize.  Make cleaning up your beauty routine on the top of your resolution list for 2017.  Cleaning out and organizing your beauty products can give you a jump in your step and make you ultimately look refreshed and renewed for 2017 and all it’s possibilities.

Some simple steps to get started:

Check your expiration dates on your makeup products.  Throw them out, don’t put them back in the “maybe drawer.”

Disinfect your make up tools.  Eyelash curler, makeup brushes, and acrylic containers all should be cleaned. Use make up wipes or cotton swabs with alcohol or baby shampoo.

Reorganze your products by category: Everyday * Special Occasion * Travel.  Put them in seperate containers, makeup bags or drawers.

Make an appointment with a beauty consultant or stop by your favorite makeup store.  We love small boutiques like Blue Mercury.  Speak to a beauty consultant and tell them your beauty goals.  Be clear on your time, budget and desired look.  Don’t over purchase, just add the products you need.  You will have a clear list if you have completed the above clean up.

Basic Beauty is always here to help!  Check out our Services page.  One of our favorite things to do is meet you at your favorite beauty store.  We are there to answer your questions, share our product knowledge, and guide you through the overwhelming shelves of product goodies.  Be good to yourself because you have a full year to fufill your best laid plans.